Happy Customers!

Oct 2017 Zillow Review by John

We worked with Simone to buy a home, which involved a lot of schedule stretching and help as inventory was really tight and moving FAST, and we were living and usually working several hours away. It was not an easy market or situation. Simone took the time and our feedback to learn what we wanted  in a house — I have worked before with agents who try to tell you why you should like something, rather than listen to what you like, and the difference is huge. Simone focused on our ideas and preferences, and even figured out ways to search listings very efficiently in a way that turned up exactly the sort of houses we wanted. In a tight market we didn’t have the luxury of time, and Simone was wonderful about scheduling viewings on short notice and at odd times, or even getting info for us when we couldn’t be there to view a place. Simone is =very= knowledgeable of the OLT area, and wasn’t afraid to give us the skinny — good and bad. It is tremendously useful to hear positives AND negatives, instead of working with a salesperson. She knows the local schools very well. She would also freely volunteer when there was an aspect of a property or process that she didn’t know, and would do the legwork to dig in and figure it out for us. At the end of the day, we got a property we wanted, at a price we were happy with, and we are very happy here. Success!

September 2017 Zillow Review by CPRockholt

Simone facilitated our move across the state. She stuck with us and showed us many houses, each time helping us to refine our ‘must have’ list. She asked great questions, listened to the responses and modified her search to reflect on our style and preferences. She is patient and easy going, yet  is able to be nimble and react quickly in response to the very active market.

2017 Zillow review by Richmondohana

Simone was wonderful to work with as I prepped and listed my house for sale. Her understanding of my neighborhood and the market made the sale of my home quick and successful. Simone went the extra mile for me, helping me paint a bedroom days before my house listed and showing up on moving out day  with muffins and a helping hand. I fully recommend Simone Grant to anyone looking for an agent in the Olympia area.

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