Counters-so many options

These would be our before counters.  In theory, they were awesome and not that old.  They are concrete and recycled glass.  They are 100% custom and the local company was great.  However, when they were created, the batch of sealant was “bad” and it didn’t take.  So we have very sensitive counters that stain easily and have rough bubbled patches of water damage…and black splotches.  Not the look or feel we were going for.  The company gave us a partial refund and we will now finally be replacing them.

Counters before

And here are our top contenders.  Do you notice a theme of “darkness”, otherwise known as “counters that won’t show all the stuff the kids spill on them”?!


My husband nixed the left two…so now we’re down to the right two.  The swirly one is granite and the gray splotchy one is quartz.  Let’s just say, this is going to be a very difficult decision.  I love them both!!!

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