For every homeowner – A kitchen redo on a budget

The time has come…for a change

As a Realtor, I see many, many kitchens.  Some are truly amazing and others, not-so-much.  In my own 1958 home, we have original cabinets and not so original floors and counters.  I had painted the cabinets at some point and loved the bright fun color.  However, since every aspect of the space had been completed at different times, it was beginning to look like a circus.

Behold-the circus!

Now, it’s a perfectly functional kitchen…except for the serious lack of storage and strange angles.  But after walking through hundreds, if not thousands of kitchens-both good and bad-I had a clear idea of what I wanted.  But like most Americans, I didn’t want to throw money out the window!  And after pricing new cabinets, I decided that mine weren’t so bad after all.

The photo below shows the old-melon colored cabinets and walls, stainless backsplash, explosion countertops and gasp!…the micro on the counter.


I will update this as I go along!  Nothing like sharing the joy of spending three days breathing in paint fumes while painting you’re entire kitchen.  Fun times!

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